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Scary Kids Scaring Kids' self titled album (2007)

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ARTIST: Scary Kids Scaring Kids
TITLE: Scary Kids Scaring Kids
LABEL: Immortal
BITRATE: 206kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 51m total
RELEASE DATE: 2007-08-28
RIP DATE: 2007-08-28
Track List
1. Prelude 0:40
2. Degenerates 3:42
3. Holding On 4:21
4. The Deep End 4:12
5. Faces 3:25
6. A Pistol To My Temple 3:57
7. Star Crossed 3:41
8. Derailed 1:43
9. Breathe 1:19
10. Set Sail 3:25
11. Free Again 3:49
12. Snake Devil 3:30
13. Watch Me Bleed 3:56
14. Goes Without Saying 4:00
15. Blood Runs Forever 3:22
16. The Power Of Resolution 2:06
Release Notes:
Scary Kids Scaring Kids have spent the last three years touring and cultivating
one of the most rabid fan bases in rock n' roll. Their debut album The City
Sleeps in Flames has gone on to sell over 100,000 units to date. Admired by
critics and fans alike for the band's heaviness coupled with a warming melodic
sensibility The City Sleeps in Flames quickly became a hard driving favorite
album for music fans in the new alternative rock community.
Scary Kids Scaring Kids is famous for its stage antics and powerful two guitar
assault. Word of their live show spread throughout the community which caught
the eyes and ears of many big bands and in turn landing high profile tours with
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Silverstein, Emery, Funeral For a Friend and Warped
In April 2007 Scary Kids entered the studio to record their self-titled
sophomore album with multi platinum producer Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Dashboard
Confessional, Pearl Jam, Good Charlotte). Don's production led the band to a
newfound confidence and distinctive mature sound. The record shows that the band
can seamlessly go from punk/hardcore indie darlings to mainstream rock n' roll
music makers.
Let's be honest, Gilbert, Arizona, probably isn't most people's idea of musical
Mecca--and with good reason. Nestled in the shadow of Phoenix, the town's
conservative climate doesn't exactly foster creativity. However instead of being
discouraged by the constraints of their hometown, the members of Scary Kids
Scaring Kids were inspired to rebel against it. "They weren't very accepting and
I think that's where we all developed the desire to be an individual," explains
SKSK keyboardist Pouyan Afkary when asked how to describe his hometown. "It was
a constant struggle because it's such a whitewash town in a sense."
Formed during the members' junior year of high school, the band--which also
features guitarists Chad Crawford and Steve Kirby, drummer Jamie Ethridge,
singer Tyson Stevens and bassist DJ Wilson--self-financed their debut EP, After
Dark (which was eventually re-released by Immortal Records in 2005). From there,
they decided to pursue the band full-time, hosting carwashes and taking out
loans to finance their tours--and although it took a few years to build up a
tangible fanbase, all the hard work paid off, culminating with a coveted spot on
the Smartpunk stage for the 2005 Warped Tour, which led to supporting spots
alongside their peers like Silverstein and Bullet For My Valentine.
However, despite the positive reaction to their 2006 full-length debut The City
Sleeps In Flames, no one could be prepared for what the band would accomplish
with their second full-length, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, due out on Immortal
August 28th. Whereas most acts in the band's scene thrive on being categorized
and labeled, Scary Kids Scary Kids have crafted an album that finally
encompasses the full-scope of their seemingly disparate influences. For example,
the anthemic "Degenerates" and "Holding On" take the band's screamo-inspired
sound to stratospheric new heights; strikingly vulnerable ballads like "Derailed
(Derailed)" and "Goes Without Saying" trade acoustic guitars and pianos for
blazing guitars and still manages to sound just as powerful; and, finally,
borderline glam-metal tracks such as "Snake Devil," showcase the band's musical

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